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Mother’s Day Ideas : Queen for a Day on a Tight Budget

Mother’s Day Ideas : Queen for a Day on a Tight Budget
Make Every Woman a Queen, for Every Single Day!
Kathryn E. Darden
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Mother’s Day
Mother’s Day Story


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Many readers may not remember the old television program (which actually started as a radio show in 1945) called “Queen for a Day.” The show was a forerunner of reality TV shows as female contestants had to tell real-life stories to win. The lady who won would be gowned in a red velvet robe, given a sparkling crown, and handed a dozen long-stemmed roses, and she would win other prizes and trips. The “Queen for a Day” program always ended with the words, “Make every woman a queen, for every single day!”

Depending upon your budget in today’s economy, you may not be able to give your mother prizes and trips, but here are some ideas for things you can do to make her feel like a queen for a day on Mother’s Day.

Give the Gift of Your Time for Mother’s Day – The greatest gift you can give your mother for Mother’s Day is the gift of your time. Take some time out of your busy schedule to take your mother some place special. It doesn’t have to be for a dinner out. Just take your mother some place where she would get to spend some quality time with you. If you are married, with kids, and your mother enjoys your wife/husband and kids, bring them, too, but if there is friction, why not plan something for just the two of you. To make sure your wife/husband doesn’t feel left out, make it something only you and your mother would enjoy. Take her to the house where you grew up, or to see the place her parents lived, or to the cemetery to visit the family plots. Spend some one-on-one time with your mother before picking up your family to join you and your mother for her Mother’s Day dinner.

Take Your Mother for a Picnic Lunch on Mother’s Day – A tight budget might make sandwiches and iced tea out in the country a nice choice for Mother’s Day. Pack a basket with inexpensive food, drive to your nearest state park, and enjoy the beauty of a spring day with your mother.

Cook Your Mother Dinner for Mother’s Day – Even on a tight budget, you can fix spaghetti or something else inexpensive and treat your mother to a nice, candle-light dinner for Mother’s Day. Then spend some time reminiscing about fond memories while you eat your Mother’s Day dinner.

Make Your Mother Something for Mother’s Day – Do you knit or crochet? Are you handy with woodworking? Do you do any crafts? Make your mother something by hand this Mother’s Day. She will probably treasure it all the more because you made it by hand.

Have a Photo Enlarged and Framed for Mother’s Day – Is there a recent photo of you and your mother or a childhood photo of the two of you? Consider having it enlarged at any drug store or supermarket and putting it in a nice frame for Mother’s Day,

Do Some Chores Around the House for Mother’s Day – You say you don’t have a penny to your name and you just can’t buy your m other anything for Mother’s Day? Then do some chores for her on Mother’s Day. Wish the dishes, mulch her garden, clear some debris, mop the floor, do s small repair, take out the garbage.

Don’t Forget a Great Mother’s Day Card for Mother’s Day – A great Mother’s Day card can cover a multitude of sins, but choosing a great card requires some thought and more than a quick trip to your drug store to grab whatever they have. Give yourself time to find a great card. Find one with a sentiment that is meaningful and/or a picture that reminds you of her. Then write your own message, and do NOT leave off the three most important words: I Love You.

Make Her Queen for a Day for Every Single Day – Now that you have implemented some of these ideas for Mother’s Day, why not do them throughout the year? Make your mother queen for a day, not just on Mother’s Day, but for every single day!

Although the Philippines is not known for being the wine capital of Asia, Clark Pampanga is the most frequently visited destination for wine lovers in Cebu, Angeles City and Manila to shop for some good vintage wine. The famous wine shop outside Manila called Clark Wine Center is the largest wine shop in Philippines which offers over 2000 selections of fine vintage wine from all wine regions, vintages spanning over 50 years covering all price ranges.

This wine shop in Clark is highly recommended as one of the best places to buy wine in Pampanga. Clark Freeport is just outside Manila near Subic and Angeles City Philippines is Clark Wine Center. Visitors buy wine in Manila and Pampanga should not miss stopping at this wine shop for a few bottles of fine vintage wines to bring home.

Established in 2002, YATS WINE CELLARS is a wholly-owned business unit of Hong Kong-based Yats International which owns and operates resort, wine shops, wine bars and fine-dining restaurant properties in Clark Freeport in The Philippines. YATS WINE CELLARS caters to a clientele of discerning wine lovers from all over the world. Besides a good selection of wine for everyday enjoyment, YATS offers a unique selection of aged vintage wines made available to wine enthusiasts at remarkably affordable prices. Vintages span over a century and the selection of old- and new-world wines covers all major wine regions.

Things to do in Clark Philippines and Pampanga: do a little wine shopping at the famous wine shop outside of Manila called Clark Wine Center. One of the favorite places to visit in Pampanga Clark Freeport is the white building along M A Roxas highway of Clark which houses over 2000 selections of fine vintage wines. The Clark Wine Center is one of the places to visit, a tourist spot and a good shopping place for those staying in Angeles City, Subic or Clark Pampanga.

Getting to this wine shop in Pampanga Angeles City Clark Freeport Zone Philippines from Manila
Getting to the Clark Wine Center wine shop from Manila is quite simple: after entering Clark Freeport from Dau and Angeles City, proceed straight along the main highway M A Roxas. Clark Wine Center is the stand-along white building on the right, at the corner A Bonifacio Ave. From the Clark International Airport DMIA, ask the taxi to drive towards the entrance of Clark going to Angeles City. From Mimosa, just proceed towards the exit of Clark and this wine shop is on the opposite side of the main road M A Roxas.

Best place to buy wine in Clark Pampanga outside Manila near Subic and Angeles City Philippines is Clark Wine Center.

Click here to contact Clark Wine Center in Clark Pampanga for inquiries and orders.

Clark Wine Center
Bldg 6460 Clark Observatory Building
Manuel A. Roxas Highway corner A Bonifacio Ave,
Angeles Clark Freeport Zone, Pampanga 2023
0922-870-5173 0917-826-8790 (ask for Ana Fe)

YATS Wine Cellars
Manila Sales Office
3003C East Tower, Phil Stock Exchange Center,
Exchange Rd Ortigas Metro Manila, Philippines 1605
(632) 637-5019 0917-520-4393 ask for Rea or Chay

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While in Clark, it might be a good idea to enjoy an evening of wine-and-dine in the fine dining Yats Restaurant and Wine Bar that features an award winning 2700-line wine list. Highly recommended fine dining restaurant in Manila for special occasion is Yats Restaurant & Wine Lounge located in the famous Mimosa Leisure Estate in Clark Pampanga. Situated near this popular restaurant in Clark is the Mimosa Golf Course as well as the Mimosa Clark Casino. This top rated restaurant near Angeles City Pampanga in Clark Philippines is frequently used for private parties and corporate functions such as board meetings and other gatherings. It is located in Mimosa Leisure Estate of Clark Freeport Zone. For more information, visit

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