Clark Wine Center

Bldg 6460 Clark Field Observatory Building,
Manuel A. Roxas Highway corner A Bonifacio Ave,
Clark Air Base, Clark Freeport Zone, Pampanga, Philippines 2023
Clark, Pampanga: (045) 499-6200
Mobile/SMS: 0977-837-9012
Ordering: 0977-837-9012 / 0917-520-4393
Manila: (632) 8637-5019

Philippines Hot Air Balloon Festival: Submit your Complaints, Comments and Suggestions right here

2012 Clark Hot Air Balloon Festival Complaints, Comment and Grievances

Festivals, fiestas and events are rarely perfectly organized and smoothly run. To help the organizers improve on how the Philippines Hot Air Balloon Festival is organized and managed, your comments, suggestions, complaints and grievances are sought.

Philippines Hot Air Balloon Festival in Clark, Pampanga

Don’t worry that anyone will suffer because of your complaints. Whatever you care to share with us about the Hot Air Balloon Fiesta will be not be taken personally. On the contrary, organizers and all those involved in the management and running of the Hot Air Balloon Festival will ultimately benefit from hearing from you, the patrons.

Click here to submit your complaints and suggestions about your trip to Clark to attend the Hot Air Balloon Festival this year.

This year, Clark Wine Center played an important role in the Hot Air Balloon Festival. Located next to the Hot Air Balloon Fesita site, this famous wine shop of Pampanga did what it could to transform itself into a good place to eat, drink and hang out throughout the event.

Colorful Hot Air Balloons attract visitors to Clark Philippines

Organizers and establishments in Clark have put together some programs to not only address this issue but make the 2012 Hot Air Balloon fiesta in Clark a wonderful experience for food and wine lovers also.

To keep visitors from Manila and foreign tourists entertained throughout the 2012 Philippines Hot Air Balloon Festival, famous wine shop Clark Wine Center is held a grand Wine Sale from 9th to 12th February, 2012. Wine lovers attending the 17th Philippines Hot Air Balloon Fiesta took advantage of this opportunity to bring home some rare vintage wines offered at incredibly low prices during the Hot Air Balloon weekend.

Clark Wine Center was built in 2003 by Hong Kong-based Yats International Leisure Philippines to become the largest wine shop in Philippines supplying Asia’s wine lovers with fine vintage wines at attractive prices. Today, this wine shop in Clark Philippines offers over 2000 selections of fine wines from all major wine regions in the world. As a leading wine supplier in Philippines, Clark Wine Center offers an incomparable breadth of vintages, wines from back vintages spanning over 50 years.

Burgundy Red Wine 1995 Morey-St.-Denis 1er Cru at Yats Restaurant Clark Pampanga

Wine lovers in Manila, Subic, Angeles city and Clark Philippines travel frequently to this wine shop in Clark Freeport Zone Pampanga to stock up on fine wines. This Angeles Philippines Clark Freeport Zone wine store offers a fine range of wines of all price points from wines for everyday enjoyment under p1,000 per bottle, to exciting matured vintage wines at midrange price levels of p2,000 to p5,000 and rare and luxurious wines to mark special occasions or gifts of wine to VIPs, loved ones and special people.

Wines from Burgundy, Bordeaux, Rhone, Loire, Spain, Portugal, Germany, Austria, Alsace, USA, Australia, New Zealand, Italy, South Africa, Chile and Argentina etc. are well represented in this famous wine ship located in Angeles City, Clark Philippines.

shopping for fine wines in Clark Wine Center Pampanga best wine shop

Clark Wine Center, Philippines’ largest wine shop is located in Clark Freeport, at a location that is very near the place where the balloons are parked. This is considered the best vantage point to watch the hot air balloon take off and return to earth. During the 2012 Philippines Hot Air Balloon Fiesta, this famous wine shop of Pampanga is expected to serve as a center of activities that will make this year’s event more enjoyable than ever for visitors to Clark.

Wine lovers all over Asia know of this place and make the trip to Clark Philippines to load up on rare vintage wines that are often cheap in comparison to prices in their home towns. Old vintage wines and lesser known labels hardly seen in Asia are wine connoisseurs’ choice.

Famous Wine Shop in Pampanga Clark Wine Center

Clark Wine Center
Bldg 6460 Clark Observatory Building
Manuel A. Roxas Highway corner A Bonifacio Ave,
Clark Freeport Zone, Pampanga 2023
(045) 841-0006 0922-870-5173 0917-826-8790
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Sites of Hot Air Balloon Fiesta and notable establishments in Clark Philippines

Established in 2002, YATS WINE CELLARS is a wholly-owned business unit of Hong Kong-based Yats International which owns and operates resort, wine shops, wine bars and fine-dining restaurant properties in Clark Freeport in The Philippines. YATS WINE CELLARS caters to a clientele of discerning wine lovers from all over the world. Besides a good selection of wine for everyday enjoyment, YATS offers a unique selection of aged vintage wines made available to wine enthusiasts at remarkably affordable prices. Vintages span over a century and the selection of old- and new-world wines covers all major wine regions.

Click here to contact Clark Wine Center directly for reservations and inquiries

Hot Line to find out what’s happening in Clark: (045) 889-5151

Yats International Leisure Philippines
Manila Sales Office
3003C East Tower, Phil Stock Exchange Center,
Exchange Rd Ortigas Metro Manila, Philippines 1605
(632) 633-1566 0917-540-3626 0917-530-6242
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Thank you for visiting Clark and for attending the Philippines Hot Air Balloon Festival in Clark, Pampanga.

We hope to see you back in town during Holy Week, if not much sooner than that.

Have a very nice day!

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17 Responses to “Philippines Hot Air Balloon Festival: Submit your Complaints, Comments and Suggestions right here”

  1. Gravatar of Reynaldo, mirabel Reynaldo, mirabel
    11. February 2012 at 23:25

    I have a suggest, kindly separate the entrance to those who already have a advance ticket, second made additional asigned trapic enforcer, to the highway coz it was so dangerous to across, mostly to those family with kids, also why is it to expensive to ride on the hotair balloon? I hope there a way to lessen the price, thank you my family enjoy waching those sky diving events, and other,.

  2. Gravatar of ruby gloria ruby gloria
    12. February 2012 at 08:39

    entrance cost is too much for P200. entrance fees are waived for those kids 3 yrs below, its not right. it should be 6 below, or you could have discounts. More marshals to guide motorists.

  3. Gravatar of Anna Cinco Anna Cinco
    13. February 2012 at 00:36

    Please delete my name from your distro. Thanks.

  4. Gravatar of arnie mendoza arnie mendoza
    13. February 2012 at 09:51

    – the eating area (tables and chairs with tents), are very dirty. no one is cleaning the area. if you look below each tables, it’s full of trash, food left overs and others.
    – next time, i hope you can sched the hot air balloon show after lunch, not late afternoon
    – entrance fee is quite high at P200 considering the over whelming number of visitors. Im sure you can make this lower and still you can get reasonable profit
    – since this is a yearly event, I hope you can make a good preparation specially the parking because the parking is too dusty
    _ this event is very nice, it was our first time to attend this. I hope we can visit every year

  5. Gravatar of Gel Gel
    15. February 2012 at 05:13

    – not much enjoyed. But thanks for the experience.

  6. Gravatar of Mike Basco Mike Basco
    15. February 2012 at 06:28

    I suggest that you consider putting a shuttle bus service from main gate to event area. Shuttle should also be ready especially during closing time as many others do not have their vehicles.

  7. Gravatar of Sean Lim Sean Lim
    15. February 2012 at 13:24

    It was boring… poor sound system, poor maintenance, poor entertainment value, lots of waiting time, lots of dead air, could not appreciate flying of planes because there were a lot of kites flying around, shows should be distributed properly, must have a schedule of activities in the entrance so people would know what will happen and what not to miss… more celebrities/ entertainers to make the event more interesting and worth paying P200.

  8. Gravatar of emily s. castillo emily s. castillo
    15. February 2012 at 14:26

    It was fine, i just hope that eating areas are much cleaner, and more affordable activities aside from riding the very expensive hot air balloon and taking pictures.

  9. Gravatar of Bob M. Fernandez Bob M. Fernandez
    15. February 2012 at 19:50

    Complaints a normal thing. From what I read, sounds like an exciting venue to visit next year. Just as long as you listen to the basic but major complaints, “cleanliness”. Put your concentration on cleanliness, that’s it ! bye.

  10. Gravatar of Anonymous Anonymous
    16. February 2012 at 07:31

    Yearly, the thought attending Hot Air Balloon Fest constantly excites me. From the stunt planes, crowd whoa’ing, wide variety of food, to the parachuting and hot air balloon flight, all are truly remarkable. However, some points really annoy me despite the fun experience.
    1)Traffic flow and car parking should be given attention because of the bulk of people coming over for the event.
    2)Litter was all over the place! I think it’s not hard to put trash bins all around. People would not hesitate to dump trash anywhere if trash bins are not available nearby.
    3)Comfort rooms. I even doubted to call it comfort rooms, because i don’t see any COMFORT in them. Extremely horrible and terribly dirty! Gruesome smell reaches to some 10metres! This should be included in the Book of Records! People WILL get sick for this unsanitary practice. Your management should put up restrooms with proper drainage system and with personnel maintaining cleanliness. In any public area around the globe, SAFETY and SANITATION are highest priority!!!
    4)All these leads to the VALUE for money. P200 entrance fee and P50 parking fee are way expensive, not equivalent nor even close to my expectations (and for most visitors).
    Overall, i should say it’s 3 out of 10 if i am to rate the whole experience.

  11. Gravatar of Karen Napoles Karen Napoles
    16. February 2012 at 11:30

    Hello, I had fun! The exhibitions were superb! I flew all the way to Philippines from Hong Kong just to witness this once-a-year event in Clark. There are some glitches though, which can always be improved.

    1) The portable toilets (do I even need to elaborate)
    2) It was too hot, I know this is unavoidable but there should at least be a lounge where guests can stay (air-conditioned). They can charge entrance fee but those who are willing to pay will be happy to see this! TRUST ME!
    3) The schedule, we were not well informed of what was happening or what was going to happen. People like me who travelled across oceans just to see this event would not be amused to go home without seeing everything that was scheduled. There should be big screens everywhere telling people the updated schedule. Waiting was not really a nice thing to do especially when it was burning hot.
    4) I suggest you provide guests with activities related to aviation because some people would like to increase their belongingness or knowledge when it comes to the Aviation Industry. Implementing various activity can increase our awareness.

    I hope to see a better Hot Air Balloon Festival next year…

  12. Gravatar of Mara Manabat Mara Manabat
    20. February 2012 at 08:03

    I booked my family in Clearwater and a friend’s family in Fontana. Clearwater made me pay for a room that was supposed to accommodate 4 adults and 2 kids, but would not hold 3 adults in a decent degree of comfort. Fontana made my guests pay P420 to use the watermark, when my contract with Fontana said P300, and this after they sent them back and forth from the water park to reception. Moreover, they almost turned away my guests because the confirmation number they put in the contract was erroneous. It was very embarrassing for me. And it seems these resorts cannot handle the large number of guests during the festival. Leaves a bad taste in the mouth. Not likely I will bring guests there again.

  13. Gravatar of May May
    21. February 2012 at 14:51

    We’re much prostrated not to see the Hot Air Balloon flies since that is the main reason why we went there for us to see the highlight of the said Festival and only to witness the inflating and deflating of the Hot Air Balloons. We do not know if there’s technical problem or for whatever reason we just gave you the benefit of the doubt that maybe that night the wind is too strong…
    But the most disappointing experience we had that day is your very poor service and unsystematic seating arrangement in the bus to which gave us VERY HOT HEAD that night(I thought it was a Hot Air Balloon Festival!? but it turns into a Hot Temper festival!? Fyi, I understand that seating arrangement was 1st come 1st served and so we went on the pick-up point as early as 6:00am to have the convenient seats as I have 2 kids to which I even paid for because I wanted them to have a comfortable trip. But how come on the way going back home the in-charge whoever it is give the freedom to other passengers who are sited on center seats to choose new seats? How stupid is your system? I presume that you’re not new in the business because even in a field trip your seating arrangement must be fix you cannot change it unless otherwise you wanted to have problem like what we have that night.
    You should train well your personnel how to handle complaints and don’t just give a damn reason like “Sorry but we cannot do anything for now if there still other seats you can seat there instead”…I have kids and we’re very tired and prostrated and your people will just tell me to seat on the aisle because they gave away our seats….

  14. Gravatar of dhei dhei
    21. February 2012 at 15:06

    It’s not worth the money and time the highlight of the show turns into a boring experience…not to mention the stupid experience in your shuttle bus next time better assigned sit # to avoid delays and fighting among passengers…

  15. Gravatar of Leo Leo
    21. February 2012 at 15:10

    There will be no more next time for me and my family mangitim ka ng sobra pag-antay sa flight ng Hot Air Balloon tapos hindi lumipad…

  16. Gravatar of Aj Aj
    21. February 2012 at 15:13

    ang pangit na experience…

  17. Gravatar of Larry Mirano Larry Mirano
    26. February 2012 at 01:21

    Very Dirty, untidy everywhere, poor assistance, too expensive, events were not followed as scheduled. Overall – it’s very bad!

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