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Children of the Sand

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Rina, Christine and Rina-- The Children of the Sand

Rina, Christine and Rina–
The Children of the Sand
A purple hue was scattered all throughout the skyline of Balas in Bacolor, Pampanga as the sun stained the clouds with orange light just before it set itself in total banishment on Friday. 

It was twilight. The stars started to peek one by one. On this same time of the day, three sisters were heading home carrying the collected twigs on their shoulders; each of them put them in a sack. They all seemed to walk down towards a spot, a house which can hardly be seen, on my vantage point while taking snap shots.
Rina, Christine and Rica collected the dried twigs to take them to their home located in a virtual seclusion on the navel of the Mega dike in this deserted area of Bacolor. The twigs serve a double purpose: fuel to cook their food, and as their source of illumination in their house as soon as evening arrives.

“Every time we run out of twigs during the night, my sisters and I get out and run around the bushes and weeds to play. We love the moon. The moon is our sun to reveal the beauty of the night,” said Rina, the eldest of the three sisters.

My presence in the place is more of a chance encounter. I was in there to take some pictures of a setting sun until I noticed a guy in his early 40s coming out of the bush with his dogs, ascending on the walls of the concrete dike. A smile on his face as he got closer became apparent which made me comfortable as I extended my hand in greeting. In less than a minute, the supposed stranger turned into a potential subject of interest.

Luisito, the father of the three siblings, was waiting for his wife, Gemalyn, who was arriving late and was expected to carry her own sack of twigs. The four went out an hour ago in preparation for their dinner.

“I work in a quarry site. It’s been a year since we moved here because we can no longer sustain a regular payment of monthly rentals. In here, we are allowed to put a make shift house since this is the place where I also work. It has all the convenience,” narrated Luisito when asked about their situation in Balas.

While Luisito and I talked about his job in the quarry, one of his children came closer to us and asked what time they will be descending to their house. The three were conspicuously looking at me all the time while talking to their dad, throwing smiles every time Luisito points his hand to them as a sign of gesture. Luisito said that all of them are studying in elementary. And all of them know their obligations of helping their mother every time they go home in the afternoon to look for twigs.

When his wife, Gemalyn, arrived, I was also welcomed with a great smile, greeting me with “Komusta kayu pu?” which made me feel I’ve known this family for a long time.
As I was relaying my reason for being in this place, the three sisters, now, together with their parents conversing with me, even suggested that I should be there between 4 to 5 pm, as, they observed, it’s the golden hour of the day where everything is sharp and crystal clear starting from the sands of lahar, to the tall weeds, to Mount Arayat; such a pretty defined observation, from people who were never photographers, but very much familiar how the beauty of a place can best be captured by a camera.

Gemalyn relayed to me that her children do great in school. One of them, Rina, got accelerated from grade 3 to grade 6 because of her wit and familiarity with numbers. But, because they cannot afford the added expense of high school, Gemalyn retrenched back and just decided not to pursue the supposed advantage and let her daughter stay with her current grade. Due to financial issues, she’s still in 5th grade, although she’s supposed to be a sophomore in high school.

As I bid farewell to the family, my goodbye is just a start of another comeback, which I promised. I saw their gladness of meeting me, a stranger no more.

“If you know someone, anyone who has a good heart willing to help my daughters get scholarships, please come back to us,” Gemalyn said as we parted our ways. ●


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