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Wine Lessons by Yats Wine Cellars on Developing a Discerning Palate

Learn About Wine in Philippines Attend Wine Seminar on Saturday 20th October 2012






Wine Experience Seminar

Developing a Discerning Palate


20th October, 2012

Saturday, 4 to 6pm



In the back of the minds of wine drinkers of different levels of sophistication is the question of why some wines cost so much more than others. Are the differences discernable enough to justify the huge difference in their prices?

A discerning palate doesn’t come automatically with drinking lots and lots of wine. It certainly helps but that is not the only means to an end. In fact drinking without thought and purposes may not get us very far down the road towards connoisseurship.

To fully appreciate the value of high-quality wines, one has to know something about how grapes are grown in the vineyards and how they are made into wine at the winery. To fully appreciate fine wines, one has to know about special efforts to achieve quality in all aspects of wine-making, understanding how they affect the taste of the wine. These efforts are often expensive which in turn raises the prices of the resulting wines.



Format of a Wine Seminar

A typical seminar lasts for 120 minutes. It starts with a 90-minute lecture on a specific topic followed by a guided tasting of several wines to illustrate the key points of the lecture. During the 30-minute guided tasting participants may ask questions and share ideas and comments among themselves also.

Wine seminars are intended to provide sufficient information on and insights into a certain topic about wine in the hope that this will stimulate interest in the participants to research further into related issues and ideas.

The ensuing tasting session is crucial to the knowledge acquisition process. Nothing works better to answer questions or make a point than tasting good examples of wines.

Attendance is usually limited to 15 to 20 persons. Admission is confirmed and paid for in advance.


Admission Fee

Admission fee is php2,500+VAT per person and attendance is limited to 17 persons only.

Tickets do need to be purchased in advance.

Please click here to contact Yats Wine Cellars for inquiries and tickets

About This Wine Seminar

For this wine seminar, we will review the wine production process from vines to wines. Although we will visit a number of technical subjects it will be quite easy for all participants to understand their implications.

These are the topics that will be covered by the 90-minute lecture:
1. Growing Good Grapes

What are some of the things that producers do to improve the quality of grapes? How do these improvements translate into making a better wine that tastes better than the others? Subjects covered include location of vineyard, yield management and green harvesting, canopy management, achieving ripeness etc.
2. Making Good Wines

To make good wines, we certainly need good, clean and healthy grapes. But even then, it is quite possible to make bad wines afterwards. What are some of the things that wineries do to separate their wines from the mediocre stuff? Subjects covered include grape sorting, fermentation techniques, barrel ageing and tender treatment to preserve delicate flavors in great wines of elegance.
3. Sparkling Wines and Champagne

We will quickly review the two main production processes of making sparkling wine or Champagne, namely the Champagne method and the Charmat or “tank” method. We will also discuss the ageing process which imbues complexity into the wine.
4. Qualities to Look For in Fine Wine

The knowledge of viticulture and wine-making techniques helps one to know what to look for when tasting a wine. Notions of concentration, extract, ripeness, aromatics, body, the finish and age-worthiness will be discussed.

Wines for Tasting


Fine Wine is meant for everyone not just the connoisseurs

Participants will taste three flights of wines, one for red wine, one for white wine and one for sparkling wine. In each flight, there will be two kinds of wine to be tasted side by side to illustrate the discernable difference in their qualities.

Red Wine


2007 Barefoot Cabernet Sauvignon, California


2006 Geyser Peak Cabernet Sauvignon Alexander Valley, Sonoma County


White Wine


2004 Beaujolais Blanc Cogny, Marie-Agnes et Giles Carreau


1999 Meursault, Chateau De Guettes, Francois Parent


Sparkling Wine


NV Cava Artelatino Brut Metodo Tradicional


NV Crémant de Bourgogne, Denis Fouquerand et Fils

Typically the pours will be around 60-70ml. Spittoon is available and participants are encouraged – but not required – to spit. Only simple crackers and bottled water are available.

Venue and Dress Code

Ayala Filipiniana Heritage Library
(Old Nielson Tower)
Makati Avenue, Ayala Triangle, Makati

The Tower Room

Dress Code is business attire or smart casual

Ample free parking is available


Tickets can be obtained at

Yats Wine Cellars
3003C East Tower, Philippines Stock Exchange Center,
Exchange Road, Ortigas, Metro Manila, Philippines

Tel: (632) 637-5019 or 0917-520-4393
Ask for Rea



Yats Wine Cellars was one of the first wine supplier in the Philippines to give wine lessons through public wine seminars since 2005. These wine lessons have been held in Manila and Pampanga. They are non-commercial and are not designed to promote a particular wine producer, brand of wine or even a wine region. They are strictly for educational purposes aimed at helping wine lovers in Philippines get more enjoyment out of drinking fine wine.

Wine lessons are fun. Aside from learning a bit more about wine, participants get to enjoy some good wine, appreciate them in a structured and informed manner and while we are it, meet some new friends who have exactly the same interest also.

Thank you very much for your attention. We look forward to enjoying your company while we learn more about wine together.

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